About Me

About Me

I have a problem with writing about myself. I guess mainly due to I don’t want to

sound conceded, or lame for that matter. So what you are about to read, is a little

about my past, and what has lead me into becoming an Internet marketer. Perhaps

after you read this story, you will understand my decision to enter marketing on the

Internet. Anyone can do this, as you will read, and it is actually easier than even

when I started, back in year 2006.


I have been successful in Internet Marketing, as well as my regular ‘day job’ of

being a web pressman for Franklin Data Empowered Direct Mail, in Baton Rouge,

Louisiana. My main objective here is to explain what I am doing with this website,

how it all came about, and why it is important for you to know.


I have been a printer/pressman for the majority of my life. It is an occupation that

pays all my bills, allows me to be a craftsman, but does has its ups and downs, as

most jobs do. I am an artist, have an eye for color, attention to detail, and a

perfectionist by trade. I can work very well with my hands, I am an extremely good

carpenter, as well as a good guitar player. In my heritage, most of my family were,

artists, mechanics, or musicians, or a combination of the three.


I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, what I refer to as the arm-pit of Texas.

It is up in the panhandle of Texas, where tornadoes and drought are common

circumstances. The last of the Baby Boomers, I have had small experiences

throughout my life that has led me to this ‘new frontier’ of what is now known as

the Internet.


I have done a lot in my short life. I have also had a lot of hard lessons. Some of

these will be mentioned here. I grew up in the ’60′s, loved horse-back riding, I

climbed mountains, para-sailed on flat land, avid guitar player, was a cross-country

marathon runner, and lived an exciting, sometimes extreme way of life.


I was a whiz in math and in drafting. I wanted to become an architect back in high

school. After getting married when I was 18, making a living for a wife was more

important than staying in school. I dropped out of college, and due to necessity, I

landed a job in printing. The older pressman there told me if I still wanted to

become an architect, to get out of printing; because once it is in your blood, you’ll

be a printer for the rest of your life…I didn’t believe them then.


So fast-forward to 2006, they were right. I am a printer, proud of my occupation,

but a little short of retirement money. I make a decent amount of yearly income,

but the wear and tear of the physical duties of my job, I can see it will be difficult,

if not impossible, to maintain this high level of activity into my 70′s. So…


In 2006 I was married to Susan, the love of my life. She was a chef, Cajun chef,

the best I have ever known. Her Pralines were positively the best that could be

found anywhere in Louisiana. I wanted to start a business online so as my wife

could stay home and remain the Cajun chef she was, but still produce an income.

That is when I first ventured into E-commerce and the Internet.


My first experiences with online E-commerce was not good. I was scammed into

sinking money into a company that promised riches and easy money. I had to buy

this credit card machine and manually enter all sales information, customer card

number, amount, etc, etc, from a website that they furnished for me. I was

introduced to eBay and  Life was suppose to be good. But it wasn’t.


I had to buy this credit card machine through a lease program, a four year deal,

costing over 4K. My wife was OK with this at first. But then used it as a reminder to

me for being so gullible. I look back over this experience as a learning tool. One of

many I have had to endure and learn from… We have an old saying in

Texas…”Never believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.”


Since those not so glorious days of my first ventures into E-commerce, I have

learned a lot. I have spent a lot of money, bought all the tricks, the E-books, the

secrets, the Get-rich-quick schemes. I was making money using eBay, but nothing

close to being a ‘power-seller.’


I read the book from author Robert Allen about having “Multiple Streams of

Income”. This book inspired me into seeing it was possible to start a business on

the Internet and make money. After learning that having a website through

someone else was not the way to go, I began looking into how to get my own



I needed extra income. My eBay business was not enough. I needed to be able to

save money from the start. I was operating on a shoe-string budget. I began

looking into building my own website. At the time, all websites were being built

with HTML coding only. But I was not a computer programmer. YIKES! It was easier

said than done.


I had a plan…in order to convince my wife, because she was already fuming on

the amounts of money I had invested into that stupid credit card machine (that had

never been used).  I would build her a website, so she could sell her expertise in

Cajun cuisine.


She liked the idea of selling gift baskets. What? I thought what a crazy idea. I played

it off at first as just a silly idea. She, however, was not so amused. But this lady had

the forethought that I never knew existed. She was intelligent, more than I was aware

of, at the time. But we still had to work to pay the bills. We were a two-income family.

She told me that she was not going to work all day, then come home and work a

second job on the computer. So I convinced her that I would do all the work at home,

if she would just give me her permission.


So I began searching for a website builder program, that I could do myself. I

contacted looking for someone to build me a website. I contracted

through them a man that suggested I needed a logo. Wow, it never occurred to me I

needed a logo! I took his initial sample of a logo to someone I worked with, and

wala, our logo was made! The cost of the services to build this website were going

to be astronomical. I could not afford this. I had to find a better, more economical

way to create this website.


I actually stumbled onto our first website host. It was through

These people really had it all going on! I wrote all the content for my wife’s

website, at Since she was a chef, she had

hundreds of cookbooks at her disposal. Those recipes were our first attempt to write

content for her main objective, which was monetizing her site into making and

selling gift baskets. I wrote and wrote and wrote content, uploaded by just copy and

paste from my Microsoft Word program.  If you would like to see exactly how easy it is to own your own

website, have it ALL done for you, and get more help and suggestions than you ever

dreamed, visit SiteBuildIt, just “click here” to see for yourself!


After downloading the action guide explaining exactly what to do, where to start, and how to do it, I

believed I finally found the answer to all my questions. My wife Susan, however was not so sure. I then

downloaded the E-book, WAHM (work-at-home-moms) and let her read for herself. That was all it took! She

was convinced that our Internet success could be accomplished! If you would like your copy “FREE of

Charge” of this intriguing and life changing true story, just “click here”.


SiteBuildIt did all the work for me…They coded it, they submitted our website to all the search engines, they

ran the SEO optimization, everything that a professional webmaster does, and then some. We began to get

free traffic to our little website, small at first, 20 hits a day. I followed their blueprint to the letter. Soon it

began to grow and grow. After six months, we had enough traffic to begin monetizing the website.


I just put links at first to some Cajun cookbooks selling at We began

to get money from Google ad-sense and from This was building into a

successful website. My wife was ecstatic! I was ready now to begin the next stage

of development of monetizing, when we were devastated by some unforeseen

horrific bad news! Just as we were beginning to break even from all the money we

had invested into this website, my wife was diagnosed with Cancer!


My world came crashing down quickly. I had to abandon the website to take care of

Susan. It was up for renewal when we both decided it would be best to not renew

the website. I didn’t have the time nor the ambition to continue. Hindsight tells me

that was not the wisest decision I made, back then, in 2009.


Susan died on valentines day of 2010. My world was forever changed on that day.

No longer would I come home to a wonderfully prepared home-cooked meal. No

longer would her family, my in-laws, consider me a part of their family. I was all



The bills still had to be paid. I no longer had a crutch to depend on, losing her

income that helped support us. What was I going to do now? After all the expenses

of the funeral, I was left with nothing in the bank. I no longer had a cushion of

funds to ride out on month to month.


My entry back into the Internet marketing was more out of necessity, than just for

fun. This time though, I had to start from scratch. I had much less money to start

with in capital. Could this be done? Had the online markets changed any from my

brief past experience? I knew from experience that to make money, you have to

spend money first. That is not what I had an abundance of, money.


So what , where, and how do I start over, again, and get moving forward again?

Internet Marketing, of course.

I had accumulated a lot of ‘guru advise’, mainly in E-books, from the past, still

sitting idle, on the computer. So I began reading, and reading, and reading. I was

devising a plan. How could I use all this valuable information, and make money with

it? It was useless just sitting there on my computer.


The Internet, which is evolving everyday, had changed a lot since my “copy and

paste days.” CSS programming, which was just beginning to rise when I left the

scene, was now a necessary item to use in your coding. But wait, now their is this

new, PHP code. What the hell? OH NO! The learning curve now seems so much more

than my previous experience had ever known!


Now it is 2011, and the world of Internet users, as well as websites are exploding!

Over one-thousand websites are created daily. There are so many markets to cater

to, niches, micro-niches, services, referrals, on and on. With the advent of

Word-press, you don’t have to be a webmaster to build your own website anymore. It is done

for you automatically! But to be a step ahead of the crowd, I would suggest

Socrates. It is a Word-press Theme that will give you the power that all other

Word-press themes do not: the control of the look and feel of your site. It is what I

am using here. “Click here” for more information on Socrates and how to use it.


So in summary the reason I told you all of this is not to receive your pity, but to

explain there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It

is a business for the long-term. I am now making money using the Internet. You can

too. You have to have a plan. You have to work your plan constantly and

consistently. You have to study it, revise it, and work it some more. There is no

short-cuts. Even Google will tell you, content is king.


Merrick Global Industries LLC

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