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I hope you are having a glorious day. I want to show you something that could change your life forever… How to build the best money making website.

What better way of having a great day than to be learning how to build your very own website? Not just a regular website, but the best money making website!

How many other things can you build that will make you money?

Of all the things you could be learning how to do well, this would have to be close to the top of the list because this can also make you money.

One of the best places to start in case you have never built a website is:website logos

  • What is the purpose of this website?
  • Is the content going to be all original and unique?

You must answer these two questions above to see if it is going to be possible to build a website that will get enough visitors to make money.

What is the sole purpose for your website? I am not talking about having a website to connect to your friends and followers of Facebook ot Twitter. It can be a blog, but I want a more specific reason you want a website.

I will give you an example of an answer that may qualify for a “good reason” to build a website:

I read a book on “how to have multiple streams of income”, by Robert Allan. In his book he detailed the reasons everyone should create multiple streams of income for the sole purpose if one streams drys up, you still have other streams that keep the water, or in this case, “money”, flowing in. I needed extra income because my wife had just died – hence my reason to start this website.

There are literally millions of websites that don’t make any money because most of them are just writing the same content they have read on another website.

To have a successful business you must have a goal, a plan, and a direction you want to go. A website is the same thing as a business, it is just in digital form.

Stand Out From the Crowd                                                                                                                    building website

In order to create a website that is dynamic that will spur the visitor into a buying frenzy you must be unique and different than all your competition.

You have to be different than your competitors or else you become the same. You want to be unique. You also want to write content that is engaging and easy to read.

In the digital world people have grown accustomed to 140 character sentences. So you need to re-learn how to write your content. Used to be long paragraphs were the normal writing procedures for English class at school. Not any more.

You have two seconds to capture a readers attention to get them to continue to read, or else they “click away” and go somewhere else.

Knowing the five steps to writing engaging content, please read the ‘art of writing‘.

Short sentences work for this technique. Think about your reader…. When you are doing research, do you stop at a site where the content is in long, long paragraphs, or do you click away to read another page that has short little paragraphs? Always think about your reader.

Remember, Google says content is king, so write good content that has facts, not opinions, and if you can show proof even better. This makes you look like you are an authority, which is what you are trying to accomplish in the first place.

So to help with giving you authority the first three essentials necessary to create a money making website is desire, talent, and passion to be different than everyone else.

As with any entrepreneur there has to be a reason to start a business. Most reasons range from because I desire to be accountable for my actions and be my own boss, to I see I can do my job better than my employer because I have better ideas and I want to expand my reach into the marketplace.

Desire is living your dream in the “now” reality. If you want to be a leader you have to have some qualities of leadership, or else you could be doomed to be just another face in the crowd.

Having desire is just the first step needed to start building your business.                                      working at desk

If you are a very good mechanic, for example, you could have a successful business as a repairman. But to be a successful business if you know nothing about the inner makings of a business, unless you hire someone to work that end of your business for you, your business will not be successful.

Same is true about a digital business. Know your limitations. You may be an expert programmer, or coder, but know nothing about marketing or writing articles. Unless you get someone to do these other important tasks for your business, you business will fail.

Surround yourself with successful people. The old saying is “if you want to be a millionaire, hang around millionaire people.” Why? Because likes attract likes, so the millionaire attitude will eventually rub off onto you. Then you will start making millionaire decisions.

You have to have a passion for the type of business you start. Without passion, when the going gets tough, you quit. Many, many stories I hear are from people who would have found success but because they were stuck, they quit. Turns out success was just around the corner.

In the digital world, you are writing content, posting twice a week, answering questions in the social media world, submitting articles, etc, etc. You are doing everything that it takes to become successful. This will get very tedious, even boring unless you have a passion for what you are writing about.

I suggest to you that you pick a business that you are passionate about so that you will not get bored and quit just before you become successful.

There are only a couple of other ingredients that must be in place in order to build that sure-fire money-making website. The first one of these is, of course, it must be a website that Google will like.

There is no sense in building a website unless it will be recognized by Google and consequently be able to rank well with the search engines. That is the reason your website must be a responsive website.

Google has warned everyone as of April 26 that your website must be responsive. This means that your site must adequately display on any device, whether it be a tablet, smart-phone or desktop computer. There are hundreds of free wordpress sites in the marketplace that are responsive.

A responsive site will automatically scale to the appropriate size regardless of the device being used. The user will not have to continually scroll to view your website. This will allow the web surfer have a much more pleasurable experience. And Google is all about the user having a more enjoyable experience.

Select the Right Site for Your Needs

The second item that would be at the top of necessities would be a site that has it’s own framework. Not just any ole wordpress site has it’s own framework. The one that comes to mind that is built with a framework is built by

With this website you buy the framework, but then you have hundreds of options on the theme that the site uses. It is like a parent and child, they go together. The “parent” is the framework and the “child” is the theme.

Studiopress is a major player in wordpress and second to none as far as the quality and top reviews go in their site designs and usage. I prefer their Eleven40 theme, but Genesis is also a top candidate.

Another much cheaper but very good design as far as price is MyThemeShop. I have a website by them. It is their “Steady-Income” theme. I use it and find it as good as Studiopress.                                     MyThemeShop

Another one of their very popular designs is their SociallyViral theme, beautifully designed that is built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, boost viral traffic. It comes loaded with features that help increase social sharing plus you will get more traffic from the top social media platforms, which will also boost your search engine rankings.

They have just built a brand-new website theme called Business, this is the one I really want. It is even better than the Steady-Income theme. I recommend this theme over all the others!

The third necessity to conform to being the best money-making website is if your theme comes pre-loaded with plugins. That is why I like MyThemeShop. Everyone of their themes that I have used come pre-loaded with special plugins that make their theme work better.                                                                                                                                                                                        website themes

If you take everything that I said and use it to build the best money making website you will find success and prosperity. Just having a great website is no longer the key to being successful. Now you have to be an authority. There are millions of websites, most of them churning out rehashed information.

You want to be unique and write in a easy to read format that is also full of useful information. Draw from your experience to fill in the details when you begin to run out of ideas on what to write about. Always, be considerate of your reader, and help them whenever possible.

Remember, a customer begins with being a reader of your content. If you engage them with value and good advise, you win their trust. A happy customer is a return customer if and only if you win their trust.

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