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6 Ways To Make Money With Your WordPress Blog
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What is a Niche Marketing?

What is a niche? Websters dictionary describes a “niche” as: the situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people. So “niche marketing” would be marketing to a particular group of people so that a business can succeed.

When you start thinking about how to implement this niche marketing strategy most people fail to grasp the simplicity of the operation.

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Online Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Tips to Protect Yourself from Online Fraud


Do you have any idea on the best way to protect yourself from online fraud and keeping your money safe? In one word…Gift Card


There will be some 2.8 Billion (yes, that is a “Billion with a “B) online transaction on Cyber Monday. Just think how many potential fraud or scams or hackers that are going to be very busy trying to get their hands on some of that money.


You owe to yourself and your family to keep your credit card and debit card account numbers and pins secure fro these would-be thieves. The way you do it is simply buy a gift card, place your set amount on it, use it buying gifts, paying monthly payments online, gasoline and groceries. If by chance a hacker, or scam artist some how steals these numbers, as much as you can loose is the amount that is on the card.


The cards will be guaranteed by Visa and MasterCard, so eventually you get your money back. But the best thing is, you just prevented Identity thieft and losing your credit card and/or your debit card account numbers and pins.


If it was your debit card that was stolen, you just lost every dollar you had in the bank!


It is better Safe, than Sorry! Protect yourself. Buy gift cards and always use them for online purchases rather than your real credit and debit cards.

Start Home Based Business Online

This Can be You

How to Start a Home Based Business Online.


Congratulations on your decision to start a home-based business. Not everyone is cut out to be their own boss so I am assuming you have already passed the test and you are ready to get started.

There are numerous advantages to operating a business inside your own home, as we will see in a few minutes. So lets talk about how to start a home-based business online.

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How To WORK FROM HOME Legitimately


Have you ever asked yourself how can I work from home legitimately? How to work from home and earn money is not rocket science. People all over the globe are doing just that, working from home, and many of them are making a lot of serious money. All it takes is just a few procedures that I intend to explain to help you decide if working from home is viable.

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