Can I Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

Riding the Affiliate wave

Riding the Affiliate Wave

What do you know about Affiliate Marketing? It might be a little different than you thought it was. But if you want to know can I make money from affiliate marketing you will have to read what my research has discovered.

I guess the first thing that we need to do is define what affiliate marketing is. This way you know what I am talking about. Wikipedia defines affiliate marketing as: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor.

So in essence affiliate marketing is YOU marketing goods or services for someone else and getting paid for your efforts.

Similar to when you buy a product and the business that sold you the product invites you to leave a review of your experience. The business hopes you leave a good review because this review will help them sell more of the same product.

This review is free; only the business can benefit from your review.

In affiliate marketing, you are doing the same thing, except you are getting paid from the business that you lead the buyer to. So if the buyer buys the product from this business, then the business pays you a “finders fee” for bringing the customer to the business.

So how can I make money from affiliate marketing? By a buyer you find that uses your link to become a customer.

How do you then market these services to people, so that you can make money?

There are lots of ways to market your services as an affiliate marketer. The most common practice is to have your own website. By having your own website you have a landing page that you direct people to and market your service or product to.

The majority of affiliate marketers join an affiliate program to be paid from when they direct a customer to buying a product. One of the biggest affiliate programs to belong to is….. you guessed it,

By joining as an associate every time you lead a buyer to them and this buyer buys a product, you get paid. You get paid a percentage of the total costs, usually around 4 to 9 percent.

It gets even better though. According to how Amazon associates policy states, it doesn’t matter what the customer buys as long as they buy something, anything, when your link sends them to Amazon, you get paid.

Let me give you an example of their policy.

Let us pretend you have a website that is in the “shoes” niche and that you have a lot of “ Links” on your website to the shoes that are sold there. A visitor, lets call them “ Nancy” and Nancy is looking at some tennis shoes you have posted on your website.

These “tennis shoes” have a link to to where they can be purchased from. Let us say Nancy intends on buying those shoes, so she clicks on the link of your website and this link takes Nancy to tennis shoes page.

While Nancy is there she buys the tennis shoes AND also buys some slippers. Many affiliate programs would only pay you for Nancy buying the tennis shoes since this was the link that brought Nancy to the store.

But pays you for “anything” Nancy buys regardless to what link you sent Nancy from. As long as Nancy buys when your link sends Nancy to Amazon.

So if Nancy also buys a television while she is there, you also get the 4% “finders fee” commission from that sale also!

Amazon is only one of literally thousands of businesses that offer some sort of rewards for affiliates. If you go to and search “affiliate programs”, you will find About 1,890,000 results . Now these results are every website that is using Affiliate Programs as the main keyword.

That is also using quotation marks around my specific search term, “Affiliate Programs”. If I remove the quotation marks then the results climb up to: About 14,000,000 results .

Can I make money from affiliate marketing? YES you can. Now let us continue in my discovery of the BEST ways to make money from affiliate marketing.

There are several models of affiliate marketing and everyone of them is marketed a little differently. They usually involve having a website, though. So let me show you two different ways to be an affiliate marketer:
1. With a website.
2. Without a website.

Creating Website

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With A Website

The sky is the limit on what you can be an affiliate for. You can market anything from A to Z. Having your own website gives you the power and reach to lead millions of visitors to any number of affiliate links you have posted on your website.

Remember there are about 4 Billion people that use the Internet every day, and that number is increasing. So the potential of making money with a website is astronomical. All you have to do is get people to your website and to click on one of your links and then go buy something.

Another thing you can do by having your own website is sell your own products along with other people’s products. Yes, you can have a little niche website that not only sells an “eBook” that you personally wrote, but also sells someone else book that is linked to So you can get paid for both products!

The future of free enterprise is leading in this direction. More and more people are building websites and finding buyers to click on their links to the products they talk about.

There is no limit on the number of websites you can have either. So if one person has fifty websites, all of them in a different niche category, theory says this person has the potential to earn revenue from all fifty websites! Now that would be having multiple streams of income, each producing income.

Having fifty sites producing some kind of income, wouldn’t take much income from each site to add up to a significant amount of money. This is where all the craze is now, everyone having multiple websites and hoping to earn revenue from each of them.

However realistically the more websites competing for a sale the less buyers there are to spend. But again, with the industry producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 trillion dollars last year, the potential to making hundreds, or thousands of dollars is still there!

The first thing you need of course is a website that gets more visitors than everyone else. How is this accomplished? You have to get your website indexed by the major search engines. Then you have to get your website on page 1 of these search engines.

If you were to get your website on page 1 of, for example, you could almost be guaranteed ample amounts of traffic (visitors) which could relate to customers and making lots of money.

The more visitors a website has the more potential (gain) for money. For example, if you had an eBook you wanted to sell. If you sell the book for $1.00 and you had 100,000 buyers, that is better than selling your book for $5.00 but only getting 10,000 buyers. It is in the volume and not in the initial price where the money is made.

Selling other people’s stuff from your website is just one of six different directions you can go to make money from a website. Selling other people’s stuff would make you an Affiliate to those products.

But there are five other means to make money from your website. Why just limit your website to one or two means when there are six? The other five ways to make money with a website are:
1. Selling your own products
2. Adsence and other advertising programs

create a website

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3. Building a list of buyers (for future sales)
4. Other affiliate programs
5. Relevant advertisers (your competitors)

So the potential of making money by having a website in my opinion is greater than not having a website.

Without A Website

You can still make money without a website, but it is more involved and different than with a website. But it can still be done.

By using PPC you can drive traffic to an affiliate website and make money. PPC means Pay Per Click. There is also PPA, Pay Per Action. Each of these systems is YOU buying advertisements that are sent out randomly to other websites to be clicked on.

If the website visitor clicks on your advertisement it takes them to whatever you are advertising, like “shoes” or “book”. If this visitor buys then you get paid. The website owner gets paid if this visitor clicks your advertisement, but loses the buyer when they click on your advertisement that takes this buyer away to where ever you just sent them.

Everyone wins something out of this pie. The website owner gets paid (adsence advertisement), the search engine gets paid (by selling the advertisements to you), and you ideally get paid by the action of this visitor who clicked on your ad.

This “call to action” could be the visitor must complete a survey, or complete a questioner, but it involves this visitor doing something. If the buyer doesn’t do anything except click your advertisement, you don’t get paid anything. But you still pay the search engine every time someone clicks this advertisement.

The potential of losing money is much greater than with having a website, but the rewards can be significant if your advertisement gets a lot of traffic.

How do you best get started in making money online? The most positive thing you can do is first go with a program that you can learn from without costing you an arm and a leg. The program I teach does exactly that.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing has the biggest reward in teaching you how to:

  • choose an interest
  • build a website
  • attract visitors
  • earn revenue

Go see for yourself how easy it is to learn how to make money online…ITS FREE!

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