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What is a niche? Websters dictionary describes a “niche” as: “the situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a particular kind or group of people”. So  my “definition of a niche market” would be marketing to a particular group of people so that a business can succeed.

When you start thinking about how to implement this niche marketing strategy most people fail to grasp the simplicity of the operation.

In the brick and mortar world of physical stores and inventory the marketing strategy is all about advertising on the radio and in print. In print advertisers use pictures to illustrate what the product looks like. It is up to the shopper to imagine themselves in possession of the product which is why a picture is worth a thousand words.

As far as the Internet is concerned, it all boils down to the right keywords and keyword phrases to attract the searching public to their particular website. This operation of knowing how to use these “special” all illusive keywords have generated an all new industry.

The IT tech savy men and women that fill these positions have all kind of tools at their disposal to hunt down the words that the buying public are using to find a particular product. The tools that they are using is not what this article is about so that will get discussed in a future article.

What this article is intended to show is how the rest of us webmasters find these keywords and keyword phrases without having the expensive tools.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Napoleon Hill

I will try to explain how you can create a marketing strategy so you will know what is a niche website for.
A “niche website” is obviously a website that solely designed for one particular group of people. A website that sells “pet toys” would be an example of a niche website only for pet toys.

So whatever your website is used for every article you write and post on it must have something to do with the product or service your website is about.

According to Google, this “content” on your website is a must or else your website will be penalized severly.

There are several different ways that webmasters arrive at finding just the right keywords and keyword phrases to drive their website toward the top of the search engines.

Different techniques use different strategies. For someone that has deep pockets their strategy would be using Google Adwords or some other media to buy their way to the top of the search engines. Depending on the particular niche, some of these keywords they are buying can get quite expensive.

The rest of the webmasters use a different strategy of just posting articles weekly, sometimes even daily on their blogs. This has worked since the evolution of the Internet and will continue to work into the future.

The continued posting of articles is slower than using paid advertising but also can be the best because of “word of mouth advertising.”

The key to using the submission of articles to your website is a two fold operation. One form is finding and using the right keyword phrases for your articles, and the second form is leaking your website name to the many high ranking blog websites around.

If you can manage to get the attention of one of the high ranking website webmasters, and they mention your name to their followers, it can mean a jump in traffic from several hundred a day to more than a thousand a day!

Just like in the older days of submitting articles to all the article ezines which in turn give you links to your website, which leads to traffic, the newer form and faster way to getting traffic is through a higher ranking blog site.

That means you want to quest blog on some blog sites. Just like with using forum question and answers, you start helping other popular blogs with your input, answering questions and telling “how to do things” and very soon you get noticed. This is how you gain trust with other people.

You pay it forward to reap your harvest later.

What ever your niche may be in doesn’t mater. There are more than 2.8 Billion people with Internet access and all of them become potential customers to your niche website.

Google will help you find your competition. Just go to Google, type in your niche, and your results will be displayed. Look and find the most popular blog sites and become commenting on them. You may even send an Email to the blog owner. Don’t be discouraged from no answer, because most of the high ranking website owners get thousands of emails a day.
You start commenting and when you get noticed, you will see a huge jump in your traffic.

The tried and true Keyword Tool that I use is Jaaxy. I would recommend their use over other more expensive programs. Just click HERE to use this very good Keyword Tool.

Social Media

Don’t forget about using social media as another avenue of getting traffic. Facebook, Pinterest, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ just to name a few.

Social networks are often a great place to begin building a relationship with fellow bloggers, and virtually all bloggers will have a presence on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Cultivate your Competition
    Start cultivating several of your competitors in your niche, say 4 to 6. Become a follower of their circles, twitter, facebook, google+, LinkedIn, etc. Like them and if you can, attend a live event they’re speaking at.
  • Show your Support
    Next, become their best supporter, by linking to them, sharing their post and promotions, maybe even buying some of their products. Become an active blog commentor by adding value in their sphere of influence.
  • Connect them to a great resource or person
    While following your competition or influencer, pay close attention to their goals and frustrations. If you can help them by suggesting another resource or person that will fill their need, you just became famous to their circle of friends.

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I hope you find these tips of niche marketing valuable and share with your friends and colleagues . I appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have that can add value to this post, or discuss the failings of this article.

To Your Success!

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