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I have an amazing gift I would like to share with you:

"What would you say, if I could show you how to make money on the Internet, for less than $20.00 a month in cost?" Would you be interested?

            "The Masters guide to making money, in the release of my brand-new book,"


From: Kenneth Merrick
Date: Monday, March 7th 2011
Re: Making money using the Internet

Dear Friend,

I want to help you uncover... discover... and... Unleash your making money idea. Discover the various ways I will show you how to create “Multiple Streams of Income”. Do all of this for under $20.00 a month!

E-COMMERCE - How to Start a Business For Under $20.00 a Month

1. Are you in debt up to your eyeballs and have no idea on how to recover?
2. Have you been laid off from your employer and have no means of making money to support your family?
3. Do your debts far exceed your income?
4. Are you searching for a better way to making money and provide a better life for your family?
5. Do you need a part-time solution to making money?
6. Do you want to work from home and stop all the commuting back and forth to work?
7. Want to save money on your taxes every month?

Well, my friend, you are in good company, because…

I want to "take you by the hand" and show you how to turn your "dumb" idea into a business reality and potentially... into a windfall fortune.

If you're ready to experience a personal and business breakthrough, live from your passion and... Quite possibly create a fortune; stop everything else you're doing and read every word I have to share with you right now!

Because the information you're about to discover in the next few moments, has the potential to change your life forever.

The Reason I'm telling you this, simply is I've been down this road before, and I want to help you avoid some of the mistakes I've made.
(There are too many pretenders in the world today).

I know, firsthand, the power of a single idea can revolutionize a life.

Make no mistake about it –the ability to leverage simple (some would say "dumb") ideas and then, take the necessary action to make them a reality– can be life changing.

That's why I sincerely believe: you may be just one idea away from the opportunity of a lifetime.

Just think about it for a moment...

Imagine if you could finally discover:
•    How to develop, define and unleash money-making ideas
•    How to turn your money-making ideas into a reality
•    How to create a powerful monthly residual cash flow
•    How to trigger windfall profits– again and again
•    How to build on your strengths and overcome your weaknesses
•    How to start these money-making ideas for under $20.00 a month

Well, it's time to stop imagining. Because this is precisely the knowledge you will discover as you read through the: Ecommerce – How to Start For Under $20.00 a Month eBook

If you're poised for a start-up I want to empower you to discover your strengths, unleash your ideas, get into action... and begin your entrepreneurial journey –today!

If you're already in the process of building and growing your businessI want to enable you to create a residual cash flow, show you ten different proven ways to make money utilizing the Internet. With my proven plan, you will be able to multiply your efforts by developing a proven system to create a legacy by giving back.

No hype. No rah-rah. Just rock-solid information and advice you can use to build your idea into a business and then build your business into a world-class company.

Perhaps by now you're thinking:

"Ken, what makes you such an authority on entrepreneurship?"

Actually, that's an excellent question. And it's a point most people fail to fully appreciate.

You see, my decision to become an entrepreneur happened roughly five years ago. After reading the book, “Multiple Streams of Income.” written by Robert Allen, I wanted something more for my family than just the bills being paid.

I wanted the ability to create multiple streams of income so my future would always be financially secure.  I wanted to make sure I could always provide for my family, in case of losing my job, due to a lay off or worse.

I was in debt up to my eyeballs and I could not see any way to get out of the ever increasing interest on the debt I had accumulated. I was falling further and further behind. I needed to make a change. 

I could see that  the future didn't look good unless I got my debt  under control, or totally eliminated. I knew I didn't have that much time before I would reach retirement age. I had to do something! My family depended on me

I began researching many possible ways and ideas that I could use to achieve my ultimate goal.

I had no experience. I had unproven ideas. But I did have the desire. What I lacked in knowledge I made up for in determination.

Over a year or so, I invested hundreds of dollars into Internet “quick money making ideas”,   most of which lead to failure.  I had crossed that bridge into the land of “Sink”, or “Swim”.

I learned that there are thousands of so called Gurus that promise you riches if you follow their advice. But they never divulge their secrets.  Why? Most of them do not make the kind of money they claim to be making selling online.

 Their Clickbank accounts are Photoshop induced. These screenshots are all fake. They make their money selling you their secrets. They just gladly take your money and tell you information that you already know, or exists for free, all over the Internet.

I learned the hard way and probably made every mistake that one could make. But you know something? I learned! Yes, I spent a lot of money in the beginning, but in the end, I found out how. I learned how to make money on the Internet without spending it first! I know what I am talking about! I have the proof!

It was a struggle at first. It didn't happen overnight, not way back then. I learned with my wife's website I built for her a couple of years ago. It became successful only after applying what I had been learning all that time. It can work for you too!

Then I realized, why not show other people what I have learned so they can be successful too?
Still skeptical? Need more proof? Just read these testimonials:

Dear Ken!
I have to tell you after buying your book and trying my luck at selling on eBay made me a believer that anyone can do this! I'm using your method and we are growing our business and showing steady profit. Thank you for all your help!
                                                                                                                                                                  David Hornsburg
Hey Ken!
Thank you for the information about Craigslist and your method of steady income. With no up-front costs, we are steadily getting out of debt. We owe you a lot of gratitude. Can't wait for your next book!
                                                                                                                                           Sincerely Tim and Judy Hutchington

No more buying secrets. I found a way to get multiple streams of income started for minimal upfront costs. You can make money selling online. I am living proof of this fact. There are hordes of people making incredible amounts of money, using just some of these income models. I show you how to adapt these models into possibly making you huge amounts of income, for less than $20.00 a month upfront costs!

Which brings me to this: perhaps, the decision to become an entrepreneur is something you're contemplating.

Well, let me show you how


It is simply,

Entrepreneurship is Transforming America

Did you know that according to the November 16, 2006 issue of Newsweek roughly 45 million Americans (that's 30 percent of the labor force) run their own business? Just listen to this:

"Today roughly 45 million Americans, about 30 percent of the labor force, run their own business. Sometime during their careers, well over half of university graduates will start a business. Most Americans today work in firms that have entrepreneurial teams in charge. And most U.S. job growth and new technology comes from entrepreneurial companies... America is unique in the world, a nation rebuilding itself on the principle of entrepreneurial capitalism."
Source: Newsweek 16 Nov 2006

That's why, this is the perfect time to get started and experience the "unmatched advantage" of entrepreneurship for yourself. I believe entrepreneurship presents an opportunity of a lifetime for ordinary people like you and me. And... This entrepreneurial opportunity is wide-open before you– staring you in the face– at this very moment. You just need to decide if it's right for you.

You see, part of my goal in putting this information together was to help ordinary people understand and become entrepreneurs. I wanted to make it accessible and down to earth. The way it really is.

Believe me, being an entrepreneur isn't rocket science.

Do you want some proof? Then listen to this...
After years of running my own business, I discovered there are only 4 pillars to becoming a successful entrepreneur 

  The Four Pillars of  Successful  Entrepreneurs
              Pillar 1: Sales Must Exceed Expenses
              Pillar 2: Collect & Pay Your Bills
              Pillar 3: Take Care of Your Customers
              Pillar 4: Take Care of Your People

Seriously, mastering those four pillars (as easy as it sounds) is the key to great success. Like most things in life, success boils down to mastering a few fundamentals. That's it.

Don’t get lost and confused by considering becoming an entrepreneur. Many people are afraid of this word and confused with its meaning.

is not based on an educational or financial background. It's as wide-open and diverse as our country itself. Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life.

Just look for a moment on how some “dumb ideas”, by ordinary people, became what they are today:

Colonel Sanders started his business Kentucky Fried Chicken as a senior citizen. His social security checks weren't enough to live on– so he jumped in his Cadillac and drove around the country selling his "secret recipe" to small restaurants.
Fred Smith
was disappointed when his college professor gave him a "C" on his paper for a new business idea. Undeterred, Fred moved forward with his "dumb" idea. His "C" idea is now known as Federal Express.
was a misunderstood artist. The people at work laughed at his silly ideas. He was always in his own little world, fantasizing about his "strange" sketches. He lost his job. But, he didn't lose his dream. Unscathed, Walt went forward to create his magical world of... Disney.
was a developer services engineer fascinated by the technical challenges of online commerce. One evening over dinner his fiancé mentioned an old hobby: collecting and trading Pez candy dispensers. It fueled an idea he had to create an efficient marketplace online. For Pierre Omidyar, it started as an experiment, which became a hobby, which eventually became...eBay

You see, you really could be just one "dumb idea" away from changing your life, the lives of others, and... Quite possibly creating a fortune.
Just think about it: the sooner you begin investing in yourself, discovering your entrepreneurial strengths and leveraging your ideas... the sooner you'll be able to experience your vision of success.

have what it takes to shatter the mold of the average underachiever!

You just have to decide to GO for it!

Isn't that the reason you're reading this letter? Because in your heart you believe you
CAN learn how to turn your ideas into fortunes and your strengths into life-changing opportunities.

If you're ready to unleash your ideas, discover your strengths and experience the exciting world of entrepreneurship– then you will want to accept this very special invitation I've prepared for you.


        My Official Invitation to YOU

At this very moment, I'm inviting you to experience for yourself my "Ultimate" and easy to follow blueprint, on how you can transform your life into a Business reality.

In this comprehensive digital eBook, I’ll be teaching you over ten different ways you can start a business and succeed utilizing the Internet. Using my proven system, you will learn how to develop and unleash powerful business ideas. I'll show you how to launch a lucrative business, find sources for funding and how to take care of your customers and your family.

These tactics, strategies and principles work for everyday people living anywhere in the world!

In my E-commerce – How to Start for Under $20.00 a Month, this is what you’ll receive:

In this informative, downloadable manual, you'll quickly discover

• How to create a blueprint for your ideal business
• How to quickly identify potential entrepreneur "opportunities"
• How to get more customers for less money
• The secrets that compel clients to buy more
• How to generate a profitable business, all on “Auto Pilot”
• The best way to perform initial market research

Here's How to Get Started Today!

You receive all the information, all for a one time fee of only $9.99! Listen, this valuable information has a regular value of over $39, but because of this special invitation, for a limited time only, I want to offer them to you for the low price of only $9.99. Why? Because I want you to have the tools and information you need to succeed in creating a business online. And if you buy this eBook from this website, Today, you will get future emails packed full of all the new information that I am discovering - Absolutely FREE!! But Hurry! This offer won't last forever!



There is more! I am also going to throw in some “FREE GIFTS” to you, as an added bonus. I want you to succeed. These free gifts will help you reach your potential faster, with less stress and no headaches.

Fast Action Bonus #1
Get your hands on Dan Kelly's "Mini-Site Secrets Revealed" absolutely free!!

This awesome package includes 14 step-by-step videos where Dan walks you through everything you need to know to setup your very own order taking, money making websites.

NOTE: Dan has also included several bonuses, worth hundreds of dollars by themselves.

Value: $97.00


Bonus #2:


The Dictionary of Current Internet Marketing Lingo


Have you ever been confused about what Internet Marketers were talking about? They have a special language that sounds scientific, but really is quite simple. With this Dictionary in your procession, you will always know exactly what they are talking about. A must read for anyone that is entering into Internet marketing to make money. Whether it is building websites, blogging for fun, or just browsing for deals. You will never be fooled by their language again.

Value: $47.00


Bonus #3:

Small Business Success Secrets

An Insider's Guide To Small Business Success



Timothy W. Knox

Copyright ©Tim Knox, All Rights Reserved

Value: $47.00

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I have spent a hundreds times more collecting all this information and compiling this into my E-book. But now, you have a chance to discover this valuable information for less than the cost of dinner at a nice restaurant

And listen to this, in order to help you take that first step towards your financial freedom (the first step is always the hardest) the whole E-commerce – How to Start for Under $20.00 a Month comes with a...


You Get My 90 Day, "Make Money or Get Your Money Back" Guarantee Simply For Giving It a "College Try"

Get and download my E-book. Read all the information and try it out. Put my proven methods to the test. If you aren't completely satisfied with the information and your results at anytime within the next 90 days, I will give you your money back!

That's right, I'm that confident in the quality and power of this information. Just try my proven strategies– give it your best shot– and if you are not satisfied with your results... I'll give you $14.00 back in exchange for the trust you placed in me.

Remember: I want you to succeed. And I am very committed in making sure this information WORKS for you. No "ifs," "ands," or "buts," about it! That's why I'm willing to offer such a guarantee.

This is all I ask:  Go through the material, show me you TRIED my techniques and took some ACTION, and if it didn't work for you, I'll give you your money back. I think you'll agree, this is a very fair business proposition.

Think about it:
the absolute worst thing that can happen is– you'll come out of this experience with all your money back.

The absolute best thing that can happen is– you can discover your entrepreneurial strengths, unleash your ideas and possibly build a lucrative and successful business worth millions.

Wouldn't you agree –that either way– it's something you could live with? Let me assure you... your goals of personal and financial fulfillment are worth the small effort and investment I'm proposing to you right now.

The Only Decision You Must Make

What does it require to be successful with my E-commerce – How to Start for under $20.00 a Month eBook?
All it will take is the courage to ACT and a willingness to follow a simple blueprint proven to work.

It's YOUR call, but consider this:

If your life continues in the same direction as it is now...

Will you honestly be where you want in life a year from now?
• Will you be able to discover and act on your money-making idea?
• Will you be any closer to your personal, business, financial independence and charitable goals?
• Will you be able to stay ahead of your debts and gain control

If nothing changes... NOTHING CHANGES!

For you to get different results in your life, you've got to do something different.

Why not invest in yourself– and learn how to unleash your ideas and build on your personal strengths.

Don't put this off another minute– YOU Are Worth It!

A month from now, you can well be on your way to creating a life of personal and financial independence and excellence– or, you'll just be 30 days older

Which will you choose?

To Order Your Master’s Guide, plus all the FREE Bonuses, click here Now!

It's been a privilege to share some of my ideas and my excitement with you. My heart's desire for you is that you go for it! Unleash your ideas! Live from your passions!
Remember: the difference between those who achieve great things and those who don't– isn't knowledge and ignorance…

It's the difference between those who ACT on their knowledge and those who don't. Whatever you do– be sure to act on your ideas!


 Kenneth Merrick


Don't forget, with my 90 day Money Back Guarantee you literally have nothing to lose.  You can't go wrong. Give my system a try. It could change your life. 


 Click Here to order yours now!


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