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Everyone already knows that using the Internet for business is a multi-billion dollar a year enterprise. People of all ages, gender and nationality are jumping on in incredible numbers. Well over one-thousand websites are created daily. This growth rate explains why doing business on the Internet to make money is a good investment for now, as well as in the years to come. So set up eCommerce website to cash-in on this growing marketplace.

E-commerce provides businesses to expand their customer base and make more money. Since using the Internet as a means to expand their market share, their marketplace is worldwide instead of just being city, state or nationwide. Whether a business employs just one, or one-thousand, the Internet is providing reliability in increased sales across the board.

A business that incorporates a website does not necessarily mean it is profitable to them, though. Many businesses have a website, but unless it is marketed properly, it becomes just another file folder on a computer server, randomly ever being selected by web traffic. In order for a business to effectively use their website, it must be marketed correctly and effectively.

Without traffic to a website, it is doomed to fail. Just as a brick and mortar store is doomed to fail without incoming customers. The old cliche of “build it, and they will come”, does not hold any value on the Internet. If people do not know about your website, how will it survive?

So how does a business market their website correctly and efficiently? There are several avenues in which a business can effectively advertise their presents on the web. Which one is the best? That would solely depend on the “niche” in which the particular business is in, and what kind of web traffic it is seeking.

There are several ways a business can advertise their presents on the Internet. PPC, or Pay Per Click is a good means to advertise, but can be very expensive. Depending on how deep your pockets are, it can be a very reliable source for web traffic. This has been the norm for most businesses to advertise.

It is certain that relying solely on the search engines to bring you web traffic, unless your business is on page one of Google, Yahoo, or Bing, your web traffic will be minimal at best. Without proper and thorough linking of a website to other, well ranked websites, a website becomes just another website along with the other million plus other websites at the bottom of the list.

Why? In the search engines algorithm there are many, many factors that play a role in what is displayed when a search term is entered into the search box. There is a huge data base full of information about the web searcher’s wants, needs, likes, dislikes, etc. Every site that a person visits, enters any information on, or what is clicked upon is recorded into this vast data base. This algorithm then matches this information to what it thinks is the best website to list for the searcher.

The websites that are displayed are listed in order, from the top most searched website, to the least. If a website is not in the top ten, or on page one, the likelihood of this website being visited is rare, if at all.

There are several, well established actions that a business must incorporate to effectively advertise their presents and maintain superiority in their ranking. Content on a website is by far the most important aspect of having a good rank with the search engines. The newer the content, the better. Blogs are very effective by providing new, immediate content. They are very valuable because search engines love new content.

Blogs carry weight amongst the search engines. This is where most people write their questions, gripes, pet-peeves, etc. Yahoo’s Ask, is another great website to find out what people want, need, or complain about. If you know what people want, you can in essence know what to sell, or better yet, know who your target market may be.

If you regularly answer comments left by other members, you in effect begin to build a relationship between these readers. Every comment you leave, gives you a back-link, which if someone clicks on this link, it will take them to your website. The more good back-links you have pointing to your website, the more the search engines will consider you an authority. Of course only as long as the particular keyword you focus upon is also the niche in which your website is based on.

Blogs and Forums are very effective in driving traffic to your website just by how you comment on other peoples entries. The more blogs and forums you submit information on, the more people you will reach. Some of these people will like the information you submit, and consequently will visit your website.

You will want to find the correct blog and forums that are based on your niche of business. For example, if you have a website that sells shoes, you would not go to a blog or forum that is talking about diet food.

Article submissions is also a great way of providing information about your website. It is also free, as in blogging and forums. There are many sites that you can join to submit your article. These articles may be picked up by other article websites, which will multiply your content all over the web. This can lead to a vast amount of people that will read your article. The more people you reach, the better likelihood some of them will visit your website.

To effectively advertise your website for free, just follow these few steps below. It will provide a means to let people know your website exists, so that web traffic will increase. These write, repeat, write, repeat steps will allow you to reap the harvest of planting your website into people’s minds.

1. Find ten blogs and Forums that cater to your particular niche.
1a. First follow and read some of the members comments and articles.
1b. Become a member and begin to enter your own, unique answers or comments to some of the questions.
1c. Repeat this process in a couple of days to a week. Continue until you have submitted to all ten blogs. Become a weekly contributor.
2. Find ten article submission websites.
2a. Write an article about the niche your website is on. Make two copies of this article, but change them up ever so slightly.
2b. Become a member of these article submission websites. Follow to see if and when your article is picked up by other article websites for wide distribution.
2c. On all of these entries, be sure to leave your signature link (your domain name), ideally that has a keyword in your name that is searched for. You can change your sig link slightly, to test where the traffic is coming from, blogs, Forums, etc.

I hope that these suggestions turn into a valuable source of traffic for you and your website. It will work on any website, whether it is selling as an affiliate, your own products, or just information and review sites. Practice makes perfect, so your writing will get better and better, as time goes on. If you would like to know more about this topic, maybe even begin your own experience in making money using the Internet, then visit my website, at


I would very much like to hear what you have to say about this post.  If you agree or disagree, whether it is worth sharing to your friends or colleagues, or if you would just like to comment, my page is always open to you.

To your success,

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