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Make Money Writing eBooks

Can you Really Make Money From “Making Money”?                                                                 stack of eBooks


Those that have it want more.

Those that don’t have it want some.

And of course, everyone NEEDS it.

I don’t know how many people come online everyday trying to find a way of making money, but it’s a lot.

I know I did….

Did You?

Through some luck and a fair amount of hard work I found out how to do it.

And the fact that I am known as a successful Entrepreneur is a valuable commodity. I make money online and therefore I am qualified to teach others how to do the same.

But the problem comes when you don’t know who is giving out true information and who’s just plain bogus. Back when I got started in making money online the saying was “fake it till you make it” and to some extent still is a very real concept online for many marketers.

Just look at some of the eBooks in the marketplace today. A lot of these eBooks are old news, just rewritten and given a new fancy cover. Don’t get me wrong here, not all eBooks are the same. Go look at and look at their selection of eBooks. There are many authors making 6 figure incomes from selling eBooks.

Not all eBooks are for people looking how to make money on the Internet. There are thousands of eBooks in many different categories: Non-fiction, to Drama, to Self-Help or Science fiction, just to name a few. These books are from just a few pages to a novel size, sometimes even in a series of books.  If you have a talent, why not showcase it in a book?

I have many talents besides being a health coach and a webmaster author. I am a very good guitar player. I am a very good carpenter. I am a good Frisbee player. I love football, shooting pool, and I like having the best yard in my neighborhood. So I have many subjects that I can write about because (a) I have a passion for them, and (b) because I am very good at them.

When I found a way to make money, I wrote it down. Most of it is in step by step detail. Why? In case later on I wanted to let other people know what I did, the facts would be in black and white, so no worry about forgetting how I did something.

How to Write an eBook

How many of you like to read? I am betting that there are many of you who enjoy reading. Why? Because just look at the many Tablets that are bought and sold monthly. Amazon would not have invested so much money in producing their very own tablet for Kindle. Shortly after Amazon, all device makers followed suit.

In fact 2014 was the first year that eBooks outsold traditional books. I can’t remember the exact number but it was in the millions!

writing an eBook

So where does someone start in writing their first eBook? First and foremost you must have the desire because after a couple of days or one week if you have not finished your book, the odds get larger that you never will. Why? Your interest begins to fade and soon your train of thought has changed and your focus is somewhere else.

I suggest you first start with an outline of some of the key topics you will write about. This technique will help you organize your writing in such a way to let it flow. Like when reading a fiction novel how one scene leads into another and one character introduces another character, the reader is entertained because it flows together.

Once you get the initial framework of your book built then you can start filling in the details. Your first book will always take the longest amount of time. I know mine did. I knew what I wanted to say and all the subjects that my book would touch on. But I have a habit of writing a few paragraphs, then spend countless time rereading and making corrections.

That is why your first book takes so long because you are learning how to make the words flow on the page. You are trying for perfection, but I don’t think even Mark Twain reached his level of expertise until his second book. Remember, this is your first book, so go easy on yourself. You have to be careful not to get frustrated and delete it all and start over because sometimes your first initial words are the most inspiring.

If you are eager to share your experience like I have in self-help books there is a huge market for these books. The more competition you find in a particular category the more money there is and more money can be made. I cater to this particular category because I am always learning new things or how to do them or better ways of doing old things. You remember the old saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat?”

Once you’ve found your online money making method it gets easier – far easier – to make more because you can share with others how to do it.

This was ONE of the biggest Master Keys to earning money online:                                                                             eBook about yourself

Many a self-proclaimed Guru used this same technique to amass a small fortune: Selling their method, or technique to be used by the customer who also wanted to make money online, but just didn’t know how.

If you can find a foolproof method of making $50 a day from some technique or strategy then people will pay you FAR more than that to share with them.

$50 a day?

Surely that’s not a big enough “secret” to sell?

Of course it is, because creating money from a PC and Internet connection is nothing less than alchemy to some people – and it’s like creating gold from lead.

….and if you can make $50 a day online, you can replicate the process and make MORE.

That’s why people are buying when you sell your techniques in an eBook – not $50 a day but potential…they’re buying the possibility of becoming rich.

And all you need to do is undertake your normal $50 a day process, write it down, take screenshots and sell it.

Camtasia and Camstudio (software) now provide the tools you need to make simple video of your technique to sell. You’ve probably seen the ones – they show what you’re doing “live” on your PC while you narrate the process.

Should you be afraid of revealing your money making secrets?


Chances are, only a handful of people that buy your guide will ever put the information to ANY use. Sure, they’ll read it. Maybe even get excited enough to take a few baby steps towards beginning down their own money-making path. But very few people ever complete this process. You can’t fight human nature, which is quite a relief to most marketers!


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