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Do bloggers make money from their blogs? What about the niche marketing websites, is there any money at having a niche market website? You know there must be some money somewhere because look at all of the blogging platforms online. Look at the millions of niche marketing websites today.

In making money online today is not necessarily choosing the best platform, or niche to start your business in. It is more about not making too many mistakes. The more right things you do will lead to more success. Don’t start too many projects at once. Take it one step at a time.

Remember, you are building a business. Rome was not built in one day. It was built one brick at a time.

There are several ways to make money online as you can see from my other post, how to make money in affiliate marketing.

I want to give you some “tips” that will help you in your quest to making money online. These tips will work for anyone who really wants to have a real business online. Just like with any business you have to start in taking baby steps. You build slowly but intentionally adding each piece one at a time.

Step 1 – Build your online platform
Today it is so much easier to build a website than just a few years ago. Before you had to have a professional build your website for you, costing hundreds of dollars. The first place I would start is with a wordpress website. It is by far the easiest and best platform to begin with because:

  • you don’t have to know any coding
  • there are thousands of different templates of wordpress available, free and premium
  • your SEO for search engines are already built in
  • WordPress has it’s own editor to create your posts, pages and links
  • New wordpress sites are now responsive for use in mobile access.
  • My recommendations are premium websites. Genesis by and Steady-Income from

Step 2 – Get you a good domain name.
Probably one of the most important steps in creating your online presence is the “name” of your website. The more competitive the Internet becomes, the availability of good domain names becomes more scarce. Get your domain name with the (.com) as the extension. For one, Google likes a “dot” “com” and tends to give them better rankings. An (.org) is the second choice in my opinion and (.net) would be my last pick.

All the other extensions for your website are new and not yet rated for good rankings. No matter how tempting it is to use hyphens in your domain name, such as “”, most web surfers will never type your domain name correctly because of the hyphens.

The hyphens are not a “do-not-use-at-any-cost” warning, it is just it will take your website longer to rise in the search engines rankings. (The example above was my first website, and in four months I had a consistent volume of 200 visitors a month.) Not bad for a newbie.

Step 3 – Find a good Hosting company
Just like with brick and mortar stores, you have to have a “place” to where your website will live. The company that provides the server computer to “host” your website is a hosting company.
The tip is that you need to do your research in finding the best suited company for your needs. The most important things to look for in a hosting company besides a good reputation is:

  • Price
  • security
  • quality of service

There are several companies with good reputations and most all of them provide good quality of service such as 24 hour tech support, minimum amount of website down-time (out of service), secure from hackers trying to steal your website information, and ease of use.

For myself I use and recommend joining an affiliate program. Especially if you are new to online marketing, the added benefits of free lessons on what to do to make money online, and the free help and support when you do something wrong on your website – which – will happen from time to time. I use WA, and no other program online comes close to matching price, service, and quality!

Step 4 – Using the right Keywords
Another very important step in getting your website seen by the millions of web surfers daily is by using the right keywords. This alone will “make” or “break” you in reaching success in shortest amount of time. Also the availability of competent keyword search tools is not on the rise. There are a couple of free ones I think, anymore, one of which is using Google Adwords to find a keyword. You must open an account with Google Adwords, which gives you access to the database that advertisers are using to run their Adsense campaigns. This is very time consuming and doesn’t always reap good benefits. is a very good keyword search tool, but only for the businesses that have very deep pockets and that must have all the different parameters to operate. Their prices start at $70 a month and go up from there.
My choice is Jaaxy, which is by far the best keyword tool I have ever used. It is the Only one I use now. It even allows you to use it for thirty times “Free”.

Step 5 – Do one thing at a time.
A few years ago I read a very good book by Robert Allen, “Multiple Streams of Income”. I was literally blown away at the concept of this book. He wrote about having several websites that all produce an income. If one stream dries up (website), the river (money) still flows because you have multiple websites.

The mistake I did was try to do too many things at once. I was working on three totally different avenues of producing income, in which none of them succeeded. The reason was I simply can not do more than one thing at a time efficiently and effectively. So I tell everyone, do not start out with ten websites at once. Build one, tweak it until it is producing an income, then build a second one. Rinse, and repeat. Rinse and Repeat.

Step 6 – Be Consistent
It goes without saying, the more consistent you are at adding content to your website/blog, the faster your site will climb in the search engine rankings, which means more traffic. We all know that without traffic your website will not produce an income. Create as many reviews of products as possible because right now that is the most sought out information web surfers are searching for.

Step 7 – Never rely on just one traffic source
Your traffic source should always be from several sources and not just one. Do you remember a few years ago Google’s updated “Panda”, where Google changed their algorithm a little and thousands of businesses tanked to the bottom of the search engines. Build your business to reach visitors from search engine organic searches, to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube. If you institute Pay Per Click campaigns, make sure your content is fresh, new and SEO friendly. You can also submit articles to ezines to pick up new visitors and even other niche websites. The more seeds you can plant in different areas, the more success you are going to find.

Step 8 – Answer all comments submitted
You would be amazed at the power of complying by replying to the comments left by your visitors. Everyone likes the feeling of being noticed by the author of a blog answering their comment very soon after it is written. Not only the commenter but other visitors notice this also. If the author does not reply back, soon interest dies away along with return visits, then no one will comment on your site.

Step 9 – Always Proofread before publishing
There is nothing worse than a poorly written blog post with grammatical errors. This site will lose all visitors quickly, regardless how good the topic or subject is.

Step 10 – Always stay abreast with your niche
I would suggest research your niche continually and stay on top of improvements, products that are discontinued, etc. You want to become an authority in your niche. You can not succeed if you are not aware of changes within your niche. The more intelligent you can be in writing your content, the more easily you can gain trust from visitors which eventually will lead to more customers.

Step 11 – Build a list
Have you ever heard that the “money is in the list?” Well it is true. Email marketing can be an extremely profitable adventure if done properly. I would highly recommend that you do not attempt to build this list while you are first starting out. It can be overwhelming if you don’t have everything in place first.

You will need an “autoresponder service” to build your list because a website is an 24/7 type of business. You will need a service to answer the new subscriber you get regardless of the hour.

That is why this service is not necessary while first building your business. You need to have consistent traffic daily and monthly before even thinking about adding this service. Why? Because it is an expense item you do not need when first starting.

Some of the services to keep in mind are Aweber, which has a plan $1 for the first 30 days, then $19 a month there after for 500 subscribers. Another service is free, MailChimp, which is free for the first 2500 subscribers then $25 for the next 500. MailChimp however, can not be used for a money-making website. That is, it is only for things like newsletters, birthdays, etc.

GetResponse is another service, free for the first 30 days, then plans of 1000 subscribers for $15, 1500 subscribers for $25, etc. See what I mean, it starts to get expensive. We are talking monthly expenditures here, so remember to keep that in mind. That is why I say this service is not necessary until you have everything in place and you are ready to monetize your site.

Step 12 – Find you star performing page
In order to track how your website business is going you will need to install Google Analytics. This service is free and it provides you with information such as which articles attract the most visitors, which keywords are used to attract searches, etc.

Once you know which pages or what content most of your visitors are seeking, you can write more content like that and then monetize those pages that are most popular.

Step 13 – Add Adsense for extra income
This is also something that the newbie website owner does not need to add to their website. I have read several books on the Adsense subject and they all warn against adding Adsense too early to your site. This is what happens when adding Adsense too early. You have a new website, just starting to get a trickle of traffic. You are anxious, you want to monetize. You add Adsense, but with very little traffic, your ads are not getting clicked. Google sees this very quickly and starts sending low paying advertisements to your site. So any advertisements that do get clicked, you only receive pennies.

If on the contrary you wait until you have a decent amount of consistent traffic to your site, then add Adsense, the money from the advertisements will pay you in dollars, versus cents. So Adsense is good, but my advise is not until your site is ready for it.

Step 14 – Test and retest positioning of items on your website
If you have banner ads on your site, from time to time move them around to different places to see if they work better. Remove the ads that do not do any good for you. Also remember that just a slight change on your website can make a huge difference in the behavior of your visitors. I knew someone that moved their Adsense ads from the sidebar to the upper area just above the content, and more than doubled their conversion ratio. So test and re-test positions of content on page.

Step 15 – There is no such thing as a too competitive niche
If you feel that you are stuck in a niche that is too competitive, let me give you some advise. The more competitive the niche is, the more money there is to be made. By properly doing things right you can advance toward the top and succeed even in a competitive niche.

Step 16 – Consistency breeds success
How many stories have been written about how close some people came to success, but quit before they got there. Don’t let this happen to you. Consistency breeds success. Never give up because only the strong survive.

Step 17 – Content is King
Google tells you this when you first open an account with them for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster/Tools. If you write good content with your good keywords and write and post consistently, you will be successful. There are over 3 billion people that use the Internet so someone, somewhere, is making money. Don’t you think it is time for you to be the one?

Step 18 – However tempting, do not use black-hat techniques
Only use legitimate techniques when driving traffic to your website. Think of this is a marathon, not a sprint. Be wise when you link to another website, and vise versa, because short-term gain may not be a long-term goal.

The Internet is growing as well as changing every day. It is different from when I got started in 2006. It will be a little different tomorrow from today. The best thing you can do is be in a place where you can learn what has worked before, but also will work today and tomorrow. The only place that I know of is to join an affiliate program that has a proven record of more success and less complaints than any other program on the Internet. Of course that place is none other than a great Affiliate Program.

I hope you find these tips useful and you make them a part of your business life. They have worked for me and will continue to work for me into the future. I look forward to your comments and suggestions about this post.

To Your Success!

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