Wealthy Affiliate Review Scam

I would like to tell you my story and exactly what the Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I am sure if you poke around the Internet long enough that you are going to find something negative about the Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and I want to tell you my story. Since I am a member in good standing I feel that I can give you an honest and fair assessment about this organization without prejudice or preconceived ideas.

I will try to show you both sides of the story, the benefits of being a member and the responsibilities of this membership. There are far more good points I will show you than there is bad. But I want to address some of the complaints that you are going to discover on the Internet first.

Seven day Trial Period (for free)

Everyone that joins Wealthy Affiliate can join for Free. That means you can keep your credit card in your pocket. There are no promises given or taken. You have total access to every department and resource that is available to paying members. This means that you can get help from anyone within the community, including the owners themselves (Kyle & Carson). For seven days only.

You can continue to remain a free member forever if you so choose. It will cost you nothing. But you will only have limited access to the vast array of resources that all the other paying members get. The owners themselves will contact you within the first seven days of your arrival to welcome you to the Wealthy Affiliate and tell you some of the features and the benefits that are at your disposal.

They will also tell you beforehand that your seven day window of full access is about to close. The next message you get I guess some people may consider it an “upsell”. But it is actually a one-time offer to upgrade your membership to premium. This offer gives you the first month at an incredible discount of only $19. The regular monthly recurring fees are $47, so as you can see, it is very hard to say no to this offer.

One of the first things that a free member loses after seven days are the writing and communication with other members of Wealthy Affiliate. First off “Write Access” means the ability to ask questions, post comments, and interact within the community. So After this 7 day period, you will have access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform but you will need to be a Premium member to communicate and get direct access/help from 100,000’s of Internet marketers (with all types of expertise).

There are rare occasions that a member will lose their privilege of communication and writing status within the community. It would have to stem from a severe neglecting of the rules that every member is suppose to abide by.

I have never witnessed this happening but if the person was swearing, being violent, or spamming the community, they are ejected. Spamming is not tolerated. Swearing is not tolerated. We hear enough of that in the real world without having to deal with that in our circle of associates, especially while I am trying to learn from the vast number of lessons provided..

It is easy to understand that Wealthy Affiliate is all about the members. As you discover their platform is all about you, how to make you successful. All of the lessons are in mostly in video where you can see exactly how to do every operation that you sooner or later you will need to know how to do. It is for entrepreneurs who are building their online businesses. I am personally only on Course 4, lesson 6, and I still have a lot more lessons to digest.

It is by far the most helpful and caring community in the world and this is the result of having rules in place.

Billing Problems, Rare but Possible

The owners Kyle & Carson clearly explain the terms before you pay and actually make you confirm that you saw their terms before you join (just to make sure). As a paying member, I am in full control of my membership and I am not tied to any crazy contracts or non-disclosure. It is easy to see the people who most complain about the recurring monthly fees are the people who have very little money in their accounts to pay their dues.

This is what most people do not understand and that needs to be cleared up for everyone to see. You are not obligated to buy anything. You get to try Wealthy Affiliate, everything they have to offer for free.

That free membership is called their “Starter membership” and it includes a lot. Two Free websites, hosting, support, training, tools and networking within the large community at WA, it’s all available to you as a starter member.

Now remember you are building a business that gives you access to making money on the Internet. Where else on the this planet are you going to get to start building a business, for “Free?

The next package they offer you is a full membership into their program. It is their premium membership package which gives you access to everything at Wealthy Affiliate and everything you need to create your business online. This is $19 for your first month, then $47 per month after that. From time to time they have a sale. That is you can buy a one full year membership for only $299. That is what I did so that I didn’t have to deal with the monthly recurring bill.

It was almost Thanksgiving and wealthy affilaite started a sale for all members to take part in. It was their “Black Friday Sale.” Wealthy Affilaites version of the sales going on in the market place at every store in America. For 5 days only, you can upgrade your membership to a yearly plan, for only $299.

If you do the math, that is a savings of $265 a year!

Also at wealthy affiliate is another program that everyone, including free members can participate in and receive commissions! Every member gets an affiliate ID. If you refer a friend, quest, customer, anyone to join WA you get a commission. 

You can cancel your membership at any time, so I am not sure what is so confusing about that? You are not obligated for any length of contract and you are in full control of your membership and privileges while you remain a member.

I was unaware of their A- credit rating at the BBB. That all seems so irrelevant. Over the last 10 years the Wealthy Affiliate and their mother corporation, Niche Marketing Inc have only 6 complaints! Can General Motors Corporation come close to that number of complaints? What about Toyota?

Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details

6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 5 closed in last 12 months

Complaint Type

Total Closed Complaints

Advertising / Sales Issues 1
Billing / Collection Issues 2
Problems with Product / Service 3
Delivery Issues 0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues 0
Total Closed Complaints 6

I would say from my viewpoint that an organization that has over 250,000 members that only 6 complaints is a pretty good record. They are leaders in the “low” complaint department. I don’t think that any other Affiliate Program can boost about their lack of complaints.

I understand that some people are going to have problems. It is inevitable. Whether it is due to their lack of conformity or an actual mistake made by management, who is really to say. I will tell you from my experience though, I have never had any problems with WA what so ever. They have been kind, more than helpful, and the management and support are professionals.

IT Support and Hosting

Just one of the many features that come standard to the premium member is the hosting plan. As a “free member”, you are given “two free websites”, of your choice. As a premium member you use to get an “unlimited” number of websites that you could have hosted at wealthy affiliate for free. Now I believe you can only host a total of 25 websites on their platform. HEY! That is 25 websites!

The wealthy affiliate is always upgrading their server equipment and very rarely have problems with website access, crashes, etc. But with any business, there are those particular “drop the ball” kind of issues that again happen, but are rare. Like in my case, for example:

I joined wealthy affiliate in August of 2014. I had already been in the Internet Marketing field since 2011 building my first two websites from scratch. I had both of these websites being hosted at Hostgator on their Baby Package. Their baby package you can have unlimited amount of websites for one price.

My yearly plan was up for renewal and I thought that why pay for two hosting companies when one of them (wealthy affiliate) was already paid for? So I decided to have these two websites moved over to wealthy affiliate.

Now I am not an IT professional. I am not a programmer. In the process of moving my websites over to WA (wealthy affiliate), my first site somehow, someway, got destroyed. I truly believe this was just as much my fault as it was WA.

I am telling you this because in the world of digital reality there are black holes, wormholes and even in the best of times, problems arise. It is a case of live and learn.

Throughout the training there are a number of video lessons explaining how to make a back-up copy of your website. I am not the first person that has lost a website due to not making a back-up copy of my site, nor will I be the last. I became a victim of my neglect, which is why I am not blaming the wealthy affiliate of mishandling my website migration.

The ultimate choice is actually yours to make. I am not a salesman. I am not being paid to say what I say. I am giving you the God’s honest truth about a program that I believe in.