Program name:  Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Ranking: 97 out of 100
Price: Free and paid membership packages,
from $0 to $49/month

Owners: Carson Lim(President) & Kyle Loudoun(Vice President)-



Headquarters are in Canada and they have been a unified Internet company since July 2005, under the corporation name Niche Marketing Inc.

This company offers as their leading product and services in assisting entrepreneurs in:
building websites
getting search engine rankings
generating revenue

Wealthy Affiliate offers full training, support and coaching along with all the essential tools needed for operating an online business.

One of several affiliate programs available on the Internet today. Also one of the most advanced programs available in teaching anyone how to make money on the Internet. They focus on teaching people regardless of experience and showcasing a program from classroom, to implementing, to building and to hosting – all from one platform! Truly the only one-stop affiliate program.

The reason their lessons are for everyone is because they have several different levels of expertise, from absolute beginner to the seasoned professional. Most of these lessons are in video format, where you can follow along and learn , build and socialize without ever leaving their site. The community of members are what I call the “X” factor in adding value to their site. The community is what makes wealthy affiliate so inspiring to belong to.

For example, you’ll see blog post in the member’s area all the time from members like Looking for Ways to Promote Your website?

Each individual member is encouraged to contribute, whether it is by welcoming new members to WA, to blogging about themselves, to adding their own particular training that helps everyone that belongs to WA. With the Internet and technology advancing a little every day, it is only certain there is going to be something new that no one has heard about. That is why the community adds so much value because someone has something new to share with the community.

Every member upon joining wealthy affiliate is given a profile page with screen name so that they can contribute to the community. These profile pages are free to every member, free member as well as the premium member.

The wealthy affiliate caters to affiliate marketing through using niche marketing. This is a highly developed organization that utilizes strength in numbers. They have built an organization of over 250,000 members from every continent in the world.

Pro’s and Cons:
The only affiliate program that has the fewest complaints registered with the BBB than any other program on the Internet. That one thing alone should be enough to convince the most suspicious and mistrusting person to the purity of their organization.To explain what the company is not would be much more easily accomplished than telling what the company is. They by far beat ALL of their competition by the benefits that are given to the members. Such as these:

  • They offer a starter level program that is “Free”. You can remain a free member for as long as you want. No questions asked.
  • Video training, tutorial training, classroom training and certificate training.
  • Over 250,000 members in the community to help and give support.
  • Over 13 full interactive classrooms.
  • Live and interactive help and support 24/7 with “live chat”.
  • 2 Free websites, over 1700 free themes to choose from.
  • State of the art Secured hosting that offers premium (paid) customers unlimited websites!
  • Access to the Industry experts and Millionaires.
  • Access to the owners, 24/7, get real advise and get it immediately.
  • Rules of engagement, that keeps the community spam free and abuse free.
  • A share the wealth affiliate program for all free and paid members.
  • Did I mention completely Free to get started!

Not only is wealthy affiliate the only affiliate program on the Internet today that can boost a 100% free starter program along with two free websites, but you can remain a free participant for as long as you wish!
Who is it for:

The wealthy affiliate is actually for everyone, from total newbie (beginner) to the seasoned pro that is looking to either network with other members and/or just getting more continuing education.

If you are looking to earn money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and help others, and learn a ton from the 100,000’s + of experts at WA, it will be your new home.

Who is it NOT for?:
The wealthy affiliate is NOT for:

  • People who are negative in attitude and find something wrong with everyone or anything
  • People who spam you with anything that they think will benefit them only
  • Abusive people using foul language or insulting remarks
  • People who don’t share information to benefit everyone
  • People who don’t want to learn how to make money by working hard as their own boss for their very own company
  • People who just want a hand-out, not willing to sacrifice their time

Tools and Training:

The training is quite extensive, with five levels of certification courses, to the WA Bootcamp program where there are also several levels. They also have over 13 full-time classrooms that teach members everything from how to use a mouse to how to make and produce your own video’s!
Live weekly training classes
Video learning sessions that offer question and answer training.
Interactive discussions
Video training , tutorial training.
Tasked based training , social media perfection, email marketing, PPC marketing, and much more.

The Wealthy Affiliate performs like no other affiliate program can.

WAIT! I am not finished yet. There is More!

  • Free Keyword and Competition Research Tool
  • WordPress Express: a three click website building program
  • Low Competition, cherry picked keyword list
  • State of the art, unlimited cloud Hosting (for premium members only)
  • Access to over 2400 website templates and themes
  • An exclusive “Rapid Writer” for the copywrite enthusiast
  • Live, 24/7/365 Chat with the community. (It never sleeps)
  • Interactive discussions
  • Question and Answer periods live with Wealthy affiliate support
  • Private one-on-one support with the owners themselves
  • The list goes on…

EVERYTHING is included, it truly is the only “all inclusive” online business platform out there.

The WA Bootcamp is a program that teaches you, from total beginner to seasoned pro how to market the wealthy affiliate to earn commissions from new members.

All affiliate programs have some kind of incentive added to benefit the members, but nothing as advanced as the wealthy affiliate program!


This world is getting more and more advanced every day. Just listening to the news the other day Google announced that within two to four years that they are confident this country will be operating totally automatic automobiles! No more driving or having human errors creating accidents that cripple or kill people.

The same can be said about the Internet; it has advanced so much in the last four years alone, that the majority of all commerce will be done online within just a few years (It is almost even with brick and mortar stores now).

So in my opinion the benefits far outweigh any disadvantage you may find in joining this membership. The only downside I foresee is:

  • if you are already rich, then you do not need wealthy affiliate to earn more income
  • If you can’t communicate
  • in a place where you have no Internet access
  • just don’t have the time to build something that will earn you an income

Again let me reiterate the price just in case you missed it. It is “FREE”. That is the starter price to everyone that joins the wealthy affiliate. They do not have any “upsells” like so many other affiliate programs have, however, they do have one higher level, which is a paid membership. It cost $47 a month, but you do get some added benefits, such as:

  • unlimited hosting of websites
  • unlimited contact with the community, the owners, and support
  • Share of revenue for every person you refer to the WA; you get $22.50 per month recurring for as long as that individual stays a premium member
  • The other benefit is that in the first seven days, you can join the premium level membership and the first month only costs $19.00

Summary Overview:

It is Legit and the best program on the Internet to earn a passive income. I highly recommend it to everyone.