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What is the purpose of your website?

Before you go and design an award winning website, there are several key points you need to consider first. Not only do you need a comprehensive approach to your design, but you must prioritize the various objsectives of your online presense.

Over the last several years, too many e-commerce businesses have launched with unfocus goals and, consequently, have faltered in their awakardly designed websites.

So what is your purpose for your site? Is it to brand a particular product? Is it to brand your specific position. Are you here just to dazzle your visitors with a fancy design and flash? Is your presense a means to drive web traffic to your brick and mortar store? Or are you more interested in high revenue in the shortest amount of time possible?

Unfortunately, most of these questions were never asked, or answered, when it came to prioritizing the design, execution and implementation of their e-commerce bussiness website. This in turn, jeopardized their ability to utilize and create sustainable sales to maintain an adequate cash flow. In other words, retaining customer acquisition should be the top priority.

Let me talk a minute about three anchors you should implement in your design of a e-commerce website.
1. Value Proposition
2. Targeted audience
3. Achieving a defined Objective

Value Proposition
You must decide on what is your unique selling position, (USP). What makes you unique, or different from all the other websites selling the same thing? What benefits do you offer your customers that adds value to your product? How do you offer more value in the product or service you provide that will undeniably set you above the rest of your competition.? You have roughly ten to fifteen seconds to communicate your unique value proposition to your website visitor in order to keep them interested enough to buy from you. If this message is not clearly stated in your design, remaining profitable will simply not occur.

Your targeted Audience
Knowing who your market is and defining their needs is essential in developing an effieciently operated business. Your design objective here is for your targeted market, and not just for you. You are designing to be profitable, so knowing how to please your customers by fulfilling their immediate needs and desires is another key to success.

A well laidout design will be easily navigated, clear instruction in titles and thorough organized pages.There is no need to confuse the visitor now with all your flash presentations, or wild colors or hidden and unorganized placement of pages. Using colors that compliment each other without making it hard on the eyes, or unreadable, is extremely important to have a successful design. Add just enough design elements to add to the crdiability of your site and to your particular demographic targeted market.

Achieving your defined objective
The next hurdle to jump, now that your satisfied with your value proprosition should be a clear and focused sales process.How many steps involved here can make, or break the sale. Analyse all of the components instituted in the sale process, and design a website that optimizes action while eliminating the distractions. Make it as easy for the customer to buy from as possible. Your number one goal now is to make the sale. Don’t have form after form for the customer to complete before they receive their product.

On the Internet, you only have a second or two to make a lasting impression. Don’t let this impression be a bad one. Make it a powerful impression that adds trust in the eyes of your visitor. You want to win the interest of this visitor , so that they will be more abt to buy.

These three components are key to effective website marketing. Most online shoppers have very little time to waste on distracting flash presentations, sluggish multimedia plug-ins or slow-loading pages. Usablity and marketing clarity are more important to online shoppers than the price.

Having a successful design means having a rational placement for every graphic, picture and text. Knowing exactly who your customer will be will also give you the knowledge of anticipating their questions, their needs and how to satisfy their fulfillment.

Form should serve function on an e-commerce site. After building a customer base, then and only then should you think about the branding of your website. Remember, no matter how beautiful your website may be, it is the professionalism, the organized feel and the clarity of your offer that will instill confidence and trust of your visitor.

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