What is Long tail Keywords?


I am sure that everyone has run into this impossible mission at least once. Trying to find just the right “keyword” to use in an article. You need the “right keywords” to get traffic to your website.

Where do you go to find this keyword? Is this really “Mission Impossible?”

Finding this all illusive keyword sometimes is even more difficult because the best keywords it seems are all taken! To get your website in higher rankings you must have the best Keyword…

Your job, Agent 007, if you decide to take it, will be to find the long tail keywords needed to be a success.

long tailed keywords

I was reading a while back an extremely well written post from “Yoast SEO” team about why you should be using long tailed keywords in your documents, articles and posts. Yoast has brought to our attention just how important long tailed keywords are and how effective they can be.

I wanted to let everyone know that there is still hope for the rest of us trying to find and how to use these “right” keywords. I thank Yoast SEO for figuring it out!

Keyword research is the basis of all Search Engine Optimization. Everyone knows that. This is what separates the good from the not so good. Research is the key component to any successful campaign. The campaign, obviously, is to figure out what terms people are using to search for products to buy.

Generally a short tailed keyword usually signifies a customer in the “early stages” of the buying cycle. Yes most of these keywords have been unavailable for what seems like forever because the big corporations have already “snagged “ these precious gems. However, this doesn’t mean that the rest of us are totally out of luck….

In some markets it is really hard to rank. These markets are highly competitive and dominated by some large corporations that have large budgets for marketing and advertising with SEO. So to rank using common keywords, like “Hawaii Vacations” is simply out of the question.

Good New! In spite of this overly populated competition if you set your mission to be special, different from all the rest, gabbing a foothold in the marketplace is quite possible. You want to be unique. A long tail keywords example might be providing services for single moms with children traveling to Hawaii, for example, would be unique compared to just Hawaii vacations.


The longer (and more specific) search terms are, the easier it will be to rank on the term. Long tail keywords are more specific and less common. They focus more on a niche. The search volume is usually much lower for any specific term. Even though these long tail keywords are used less in searches, they are much more specific which means the visitor is more likely to buy your product or service.

The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. The Long Tail discusses the emergence of markets (specifically markets on the internet) with unlimited supplies. Chris Anderson discovered that the true shape of demand, not filtered by the economics of scarcity shows a very long tail. This means that demand exists for virtually every niche, although this demand can become very small. A nice example could be a jukebox with 10.000 songs. A very small amount of songs will be played very regularly, while a very large amount of songs will be played very few times. However, research shows that virtually all songs (about 98 %) are played at some point. The demand for these songs (which are large in number) is very small, but it does exist. Almost every song will be played at some point. With the emergence of the internet, possible target audiences became quite large, even if the product is only wanted by a very small percentage of the people. The wideness of the internet thus makes your niche product profitable and the ranking on long tail keywords important.


So your mission is to define your long tail keywords to fit your uniqueness and the brand that you are selling. Making your website rank for a specific term can be quite profitable, as long as this specific term closely resembles the product you’re selling.

I hope you find this little report eye-opening to the possibilities that exist. It has helped modify my thinking about how I approach keyword research. Keywords are the bread and butter to any website, the road-maps that visitors follow to find you. So, I hope you accept this mission with delight and with confidence, and of course, be successful!

What I do when I am researching for just the right Keyword, I use my trusty long tail keywords tool. It has never let me down!

This report and picture above was written and illustrated by Yoast SEO and used by this website to dramatize the usage of long tail keywords for importance. I hope you find useful information in this post that may help you in writing your next article or blog.

I hope you enjoyed my article reprint of a Yoast Post. I welcome your comments or suggestions, and if you know someone who may benefit from this post you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinerest with them.

To Your Success!

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