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The old school techniques in SEO building your site into a search-engine friendly site. I have listed several marketing services for you to use in making your site more visible to the public.

Link building strategies
Directory submissions
Article submissions
Press releases
Social Media

You do need to submit your website not only to the search engines, but also to all the following directories
Note: You can only submit one keyword phrase to each site.
Directories Submissions (like online yellow pages)
Free directories (1) Directories that will give you a listing in the proper category/subcategory for free (google likes these)
Paid directories (2) Directories that will give you a listing in the proper category/subcategory for a fee
Multiple link directories (3) (will allow more than one keyword to more than one pqage to point back to your webpage)
I L Q Directories (4)
Niche Directories (5)
Local Directories (6)
Blog Directories
Add RSS feeds
Creating content

(1) www.addurl.nu
www. valuedirectories.info/e_free.html

(2) www.seocompany.ca/directory/web-directories.html

(3) www.seocompany.ca/directory/web-directory.html



(6) Local directories
www.key2seo.com – for fee of $20.00 will submit your website to over 200 bloggs and news agregators

Directory Submission Guidelines
Find the most appropriate category
you may not find a perfect match, just find the best that site has
Use a keyword phrase for your title
Alternate, don’t use the same one all the time
Use a description based on the phrase
www vs. non-www.
Use your name and an email from your site
Do at least 20-30 a week (50 is great) 150 a week is bad. google will penalize you.

Use a keyword for your title page. Number one mistake most people make when submitting to directories is on the keyword phrase/title, is using the name of their business. The key is to use the title tag. Target 4-5 title tags. IE – Take one keyword phrase from your home page, then if you have 4 product pages, take one keyword from each page. Now you have 5 keyword phrases to use as targeted keywords. Do not add or randomly pick similar keywords to title page.

Article submissions will add traffic to your website because it is relevent, new content, back-linked to your website.

Article submission Rules

Write articles that are at least 300 words long….Highly recommend at least 500 words.
Write at least 3 articles per month (Bare minimum)
If you have a 500 word article make sure you use the keyword phrase you are going after at least 5 times in the content. (title, content, headings, at least one link back to your website)
If you are submitting to a site that does not allow anchor text, then wrap the keywords around the URL when referencing the URL.
Use Keyword phrases for the link, not your URL (Site name from time to time is ok)

Press Release Submissions (Tier 1)

http://www.newsvine.com (opinion/editorial news

Press Release Tips
Write something newsworthy, something about the site/company
Written in third person
First paragraph says what happened, next paragraphs answer who, what, when, where, why

Press Release Rules

Get at least one press release per month – at least
Do not submit the same press release to all different press sites. Select different sites
Find people to write them for you on:

Blogging (Linking) Strategies

Find related blogs by searching for them on Google and leave useful comments and not comment spam.
You will find a lot of traffic for a new blog will come from other blogs in which you are leaving useful comments on.
Ask bloggers related to your topic for a link. (Whats the worst that can happen? They say no – move onto the next one)

QQuality Link Sites
Page Rank
.EDU Links
Use the competition to find links

Page Rank

– Find sites that carry a high page rank, and ask them for a link
– Download the google toolbar to find out the page rank of websites (http://toolbar.google.com)
– The higher the page rank your link is on, the more it does for your website

.EDU and .GOV links
– finding quality links through established sites can be difficult task, but finding them through .EDU and .GOV sites may not be as difficult as you think
– Alumni sites for .EDU
Personal blogs for .GOV
– Search for them

Using the competition for link building

– In Google if you type in “link:www.whateversite.com”, you will get the sites that are linking to them.
– This can give you a good starting piont as well to see who your competition is linking to so you can do the same
– In Yahoo type in “site:whateversite.com”, then click on “inlinks”.
– This tool usually gives more results than google

Social Networking Site
– Delicious
– Digg
– Reddit
Del.icio.us – Delicious is a social bookmarking site where you can easily keep track of all the links to sites you like (as well as your own links) and share them with the community of users on del.icio.us
Digg – Digg is a powerful community based website that uses user feedback and suggestions to rank articles that are submitted through it
Reddit – (more of a news site) Same idea as Digg where users can submit and share articles they like and store them for future reference

Using Search Engines Tools
– Social Media for Firefox
– Aaron Wall SEO tool for firefox
– Rank checker
Social Media for Firefox
– Download this toolbar to find what stories have been submitted on what social networks, and use the tool to help you build a better social media account
– When you have a powerful social media account, you can submit stories and build friends that can help you get your viral campaigns to be popular and in turn build up massive links for your website which will help out the trust and authority of your site.
– More trust and more authority will lead to better search engine rankings

Marketing Strategy

– Every Internet business owner should have a marketing strategy that clearly outlines everything they need to be working on during the optimization of their websites
– The secret to SEO is Consistency and Time
– Come up with a strategy for how you’ll do it, then network that strategy.

Define Niche Marketing

How To Find the Right Keywords

Internet Traffic

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