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I was reading the other day about a lady who was scammed by answering an ad about working from home. To read the full article, “click here“. It told of a story many of times of what we all go through, everyday. But for what ever reason, we decide not to ‘click’ on the link, whether it is because of our everyday busy schedule, or just not interested, we decide not to follow up on the opportunity that they are offering us.

But these scams are out there! I know from experience! I was scammed for more than $15000 this year for being gullible enough to believe what the salesperson told me. I ‘bought’ into their explaination that I would begin to receive a commission check in 60 to 90 days after investing with this company, selling Merchant accounts.

I was promised free coaching that would show me how to go out and get Mom and Pop stores to contact my supplied website and talk to a sales person about starting, or changing their existing Merchant account to this company I was supposably working for. They specificly said, “I did not have to do any selling…the people there would do all the selling.” All I had to do was get businesses to contact them…Sounded simple enough, I thought.

After about 10 days alapsed and still no phones calls from the coaching staff, or the home office, I began to call their home office, to try to talk with a human about this affiliate/agent business I was suppose to have with them. The ‘800’ number would ring, and ring, and ring, but no one ever answered the phone. Puzzeled, I gave them a few more days.

Soon after I paid my money investing into an Email Campaign with this company, I was contacted by an advertising agency that would advertise my new ‘website’, promising me countless visitors to this website, searching for merchant account vendors. I could almost see the dollars arriving in my mailbox already. That was another $3000.00 for all their trouble, and hard work.

I went to and bought me my own Domain name, complete with already built-in SEO (keywords) within the Domain name. I contacted this advertising company of my new Domain name, and gave them access to it, so I could begin to get web traffic to my new website immediately…

In the meantime, the money I had invested with this company, “Custom Merchant Solutions”, I had put onto my credit card. After I did some personal budgeting, I discovered I could no longer afford to pay the minimum amount due on this credit card. Oh no, I thought to myself, what am going to do now? I contacted the credit card company about this, before my next premium was due.

They were neither amused nor sympathetic to my news about this ordeal. They said they could try and put me into what they called a “hardship Program”, in which I would get a lower interest rate and lower minimum payments, paying off entire debt in five years. I agreed, and left it at that. My new statement came in but it did not show any of their previous committment to me. Then the harrassing computer-generated phone calls began…

I had always paid my bills on time, usually more than the minimum required and built up an excellent credit rating. Now it was in jeopardy of being wiped out! After several phone calls, I finally was able to speak with a human about the committment of the this ‘hardship program’ I was enrolled in. This person said no, that I was rejected, and I had to pay what was due! After some explicite language, I hung-up the telephone.

I have since contacted the Attorney General’s office in Arizona about my plight. I have since learned that Arizona DOES NOT HAVE ANY COMPLIANCE LAWS! A company in Arizona can promise you anything, and not be held liable for any of their information! If I had only known then, what I know now…

The moral of the story…DO YOUR HOMEWORK! First check with the BBB about the company you wish to do business with. Secondly, make sure the phone number they supply you is in fact a working number, and that it is indeed located in the USA. Then you may even go as far as contacting the Attorney General’s Office in the state this company is in, to check whether there are any complaints, court proceedings or accusations about this company.

Also, do yourself a favor…Do not ever invest into a company located in Arizona!

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for more information about this, see Google Home Scams.

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